Singing Machine believes in spreading joy through music. We also believe in sharing the joy by supporting the communities where we do business.  As a responsible corporate citizen, Singing Machine prides itself on being a great neighbor. We believe in the power of music to create connections between diverse peoples and to improve children’s education.

To accomplish our goals, Singing Machine is partnering with schools, veteran’s foundations, and charities to assist them in successfully fulfilling their missions through the power of music.

Old High Middle School

Old High Middle School

Time and time again, early childhood development studies have proven the benefits of integrating music into education. Understanding that positive futures begin in the classroom, The Singing Machine has donated several of our karaoke systems to schools across the country. These karaoke systems have impacted students, teachers and parents alike.

We would like to thank Old High Middle School in Bentonville, AR for partnering with us in integrating The Singing Machine karaoke systems as part of their music and choir programs.

Achilles International

Achilles International

In 2015, The Singing Machine supported the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans, a branch of Achilles International, to enable participation in the Boston Marathon. Achilles International supports wounded veterans with athletic opportunities and community support. Through their programs, veterans develop physical strength, a sense of achievement, and a smoother transition into civilian life.

We continue to support our veterans as they rebuild their futures.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Alexandra Scott was diagnosed with cancer shortly after her first birthday. At only four years of age, Alex took it upon herself to raise money to help doctors find a cure for children with cancer. Her strategy was fundraising with a lemonade stand. Although it has been several years since Alex passed away, her enduring legacy continues.

The Singing Machine is a proud contributor of monetary donations to this wonderful foundation in hopes that one day Alex’s dream of finding a cure for cancer will become a reality.