• Lots of fun and excellent customer service! Easy to use, I highly recommend it!

    Jenna Hungerman Anderson
    From Facebook.com

  • We are 100% satisfied with our Singing Machine (Model SML-385BTW) replacement. Customer service through email and phone conversation was superior. Our family of six will now continue enjoying endless amounts of karaoke. We absolutely recommend this product to our family and friends, because of the versatile product, the quality of customer service, and the genuine concern to retain us as a customer.

    Jackie Perez from Facebook

  • I just got this new Tabeoke machine from Singing Machine and I have to tell you that it is a blast! My kids were all over this thing from the minute it arrived on our doorstep. I have to say it's a pretty cool little product with the ability to sing karaoke through the phone or tablet or through a plug in "aux" jack for our CD player or iPod. We've tried all the ways and it works great.

    Awesome Karaoke Machine From Amazon
    By Steve Wilson

  • My two granddaughters just love this machine. I got it for them for Christmas, and the popularity ranks second, only to their baby dolls. They especially love the lights that blink while you are playing the songs. The sound is great, and they get many hours of fun out of this.

    Kathy Hegg

  • Excellent customer service!!! I am amazed at the quick response, and the kindness, of the service the singing machine, has provided. They really understand what good business is about. Thanks!!!

    Melissa Ruth-Davila

  • My son is SOOOOO happy with his singing machine we purchased at Christmas time... My son is HAPPY and WE'RE HAPPY. Best customer service I have EVER dealt with. Thank you

    Lindsey Kelley

  • FIVE STARS! KIDS LOVE IT! we bought a second one - because we wanted one for the family outside of our house - so they can practice too LOL!!