Singing Machine Classic

Our Classic karaoke systems are easy to use right out of the box. Plug, play, and then rock the stage! With a great list of songs for all ages and all talent levels, anyone can be a star.

Singing Machine Home

There’s no place like Home™ for the latest in karaoke technology. The sleek, easy-to-use, Bluetooth®-compatible Singing Machine Home™ can be a speaker system by day and a party machine by night.

Sound X

Add music to your morning routine with Sound X. Its splash-proof, high-quality Bluetooth® speakers can play your favorite songs in the shower, at the pool, or just about anywhere.

Home Play Queue
Singing Machine Classic

You’ll be sure not to miss a beat by creating the perfect playlist with Play Queue. Set up your list from your Singing Machine Home™ or by signing into your account from a computer.

Singing Machine Mobile App
Singing Machine Classic

This entertaining music app features high-quality karaoke videos with scrolling lyric cues. It’s great for the pitch-perfect singer or the fun-loving karaoke enthusiast.

Karaoke Music Download
Singing Machine Classic

Do you own a Singing Machine? Then all you need is music to get your party started! Preview and download over 11,000+ songs from America’s #1 online karaoke library.


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It's your first time singing karaoke. What song do you pick:

a.) "Fly" by Sugar Ray
b.) "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles
c.) "How Bizarre" by OMG
d.) "8 Mile" by Eminem
e.) "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey
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Everybody loves, "Under Pressure." But if you're willing to let someone else sing the best part, THATS LOVE. Ain't nobody nice like that. #TBT ... See MoreSee Less

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