Hottest Summer Karaoke Songs Hottest Summer Karaoke Songs July 8 - School’s out and the sun is shining! Celebrate the freedom of summer with a karaoke party. Whether you’re barbecuing out by the pool or hosting a Friday night in, this playlist will get all of your guests in that special summer mood. With a mix of rock, pop, country and other genres, this playlist offers... Read more »
PartyPlan Karaoke Party Planning Ideas June 24 - A karaoke party is perfect for any celebration: birthday, end of the school year, job promotion or just about any excuse to let loose. Encourage your friends to step out of their musical comfort zone with these karaoke party ideas. These party ideas will keep your crowd entertained and excited to step up to the... Read more »
14-benefits-of-singing 14 Health Benefits of Singing June 18 - 14 health benefits of singing
ROCKSTAR How to Become a Rockstar During Summer Break June 14 - Aspiring singers know that it’s important to sing everyday if you’re looking to improve. If you’re looking for a fun activity during the lazy days of Summer, why not use your down time to train your voice and become a better singer? With some small adjustments to your singing practice, you can learn to sing... Read more »

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