Can Auto-Tune® make your voice sound better?

Can Auto-Tune® make your voice sound better?

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We’ve all heard about Auto-Tune® from the Kanye’s and Britney’s of the world. Yes, it corrects pitch and yes, it can make you sound better. Take one look at the Billboard top 100 and you’ll see artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber and more who use Auto-Tune® in many of their songs. But how do us mere mortals achieve this premier vocal effect of the stars?

First, it’s important to know that Auto-Tune®, while extraordinary in its class, isn’t a magic button that makes you sound like Ariana Grande. In order to get the most effective sound, you do need to know how to sing, somewhat on key.

Introduced by Antares Audio Technologies in 1997, Auto-Tune® is an audio processor that corrects pitch in vocal and instrumental performances by disguising inaccuracies in pitch. In so many words, they’ve made it possible to sing your hits without the pressure of having to sound like a Grammy winner. 

As the first ever karaoke machine with real Antares Auto-Tune® built in, the Studio reengineers how musicians and lyrical lovers embrace the top hits of their favorite music and original tracks.

Using this premier pitch correction software, the Studio accompanies you perfectly, adjusting your key during any song. Plus, with recording capabilities and two mics with independent volume controls, your talent can shine over and over again.   

Auto-Tune® is widely recognized for having a dramatic influence on popular music. Antares  vocal effects are the gold-standard for studio recording artists, engineers, and producers worldwide and now you can enjoy these same features right in your own living room.

"The Singing Machine Studio will make you sound like a better you, regardless of your singing experience or ability," said Gary Atkinson, CEO, The Singing Machine Company.”

Take your performance to the next level and experience the power of real Auto-Tune®. Click here to learn more! 

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