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Great little machine

What a great little machine. It's not the loudest or best sounding - but that actually makes it perfect for kids!

Great Karaoke machine!

We bought this for a post-holiday party and it was awesome! Had so much fun, and it was easy to use and the sound was great. Made great (and hilarious) memories, and will bring it out for the next party.

Groove Cube XL
Tod Goodman
Great karaoke system

Have had a blast with this system already. System was easy to set up and worked great. Used CD-G's and streamed from a phone using the bluetooth and everything worked as advertised. Also got two Tonor wireless microphones and they worked flawlessly with the Groove Cube XL.

Wireless Microphone
Rosalind Mckinnon

Wireless Microphone

Wired Microphone
Ava Showell

Wired Microphone

Poor quality - do not purchase

I purchased 2 of this machine. The first had a malfunctioning speaker and the replacement has 1 mic volume button that is not turning properly while the other mic button moves freely. The new one also has speaker issues. These are extremely poorly made speakers. We have an old machine with a single speaker that sounds so much better than this unit. I would recommend something different.

Kids Wired Microphone
Sandy Nogalski
Very easy

Website was easy to order & shipped when promised.

Wired Microphone
Linda Harrington
Works great!

Microphone was compatible with our singing machine and works great, clear!

It is Christmas present for our granddaughter so we haven’t had a chance to use it as of yet. I know she will love it!


Very difficult. I did not get a new tracking number and supplied the extinguisher one. I do know this is a good company and know I will receive my momey

Carpool Karaoke Mic 2.0
Shayla Marquardson
So much fun

Turn car rides into sing along and enjoy some good music

Wireless Microphone
Stephanie Grimes
Love it

I bought a new Cordless mic for $19.99 from them and it's the funnest gift I gave myself! 💓

Wireless Microphone
Alberta VanGampleare

I host a monthly karaoke show at the senior apartment complex where I reside. It is nice to have wireless mics for the residents so they can sing from where they are sitting. I have two of them now. They work great.

The Best

This ain't one of them botted views. I've had multiple mics before for recording music, and honestly this one is the best. The sound is so clear and crisp. It don't pick up any background noise with the right settings, and picks up all vocals you want it to with ease. If you got the money for it and are trying to make music, 100% get it!

Groove Cube
James Coe


Wired Microphone
Kelley Cristaudo

Microphones work great!!!

Kids Wired Microphone
Karen Valot

Kids Wired Microphone

Sing Along Crew
Kaley Ariel
Adorable karaoke stuff animal!

My 2 year old loves music and singing. This is the right gift to him.Its fun to sing with the built-in speaker. Sing along to the 2 preloaded songs and add some fun with the 2 sound effects.The Sing-along crew is ready to go anywhere with their backpack straps and your cuddly friend will hold the mic with the secure mic holder.

Sing Along Crew
Excellent gift for any child who loves to sing!

Uni Queen is a fabulous toy! My daughter adores singing and Unicorns so this is the best of both worlds! She’s able to put her trusty unicorn pal on and turn on the multifunctional microphone and sing until her heart is content. The mic is so easy to work however you need 3 AA batteries. If you’re gifting I would definitely add some batteries.I am truly impressed with the sound quality it’s great especially for the price.I especially love that there are 2 preloaded songs. My daughter loves making up her own songs and she loves having a tune to follow.Uni is not only adorable but also so soft and plush. The adjustable straps are a great feature and definitely appreciated because if she no longer wants to carry it while we’re out I am able to adjust the straps to fit me and carry it for her.

Sing Along Crew
A hit with my 3 year old!

This Dino karaoke backpack has been a massive hit with my 3 year old son. He is average to petite sized and the backpack adjusts to fit him perfectly (doesn’t fall down and is a great snug fit). I love that the volume can be turned DOWN on this which is something I was initially worried about- I love my sons singing, but blasting a microphone through the house was giving me a headache just thinking about. With this, he can sing all day long and it’s not the least bit annoying. The product does take some AA batteries and they aren’t included, so you will need to purchase some if you want to use immediately.

Overall this is an amazing product, a unique and fun gift idea, and fosters some creativity. The future superstar in your household will absolutely love this!

Sing Along Crew
kelsey milligan
So fun!

They are in love their new bear backpack and really enjoy singing along with it. Such a fun gift idea!

Sing Along Crew
Lauren M. Curtin
Very entertaining!

My 3 year old loves this toy and to be honest so do I. It’s fun to record yourself saying something sweet and then letting your kid play it back as many times as they want! He also loves pushing the buttons, putting it on like a backpack and holding the mic.

Sing Along Crew
Makenzie Davis
The new favorite toy

This has been the favorite toy in the household since we purchased! The kid’s favorite feature is the sound effects. And it’s so cute!

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