Five Ways To Celebrate National Karaoke Week

Five Ways To Celebrate National Karaoke Week

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The fourth week of April is officially National Karaoke Week! There will be contests and events all across the globe to mark the occasion in bars, restaurants and clubs. But what better way to celebrate than with your friends, family and personal Singing Machine! Here are our top recommendations to insure you have the best National Karaoke Week ever.


Start the week by brushing up on your singing and breathing. Take deep breaths, in and out, filling your lungs all the way… and then emptying them completely with a ‘whoosh’ sound. This expands your chest and warms up your diaphragm. A salt water gargle can also help sooth your throat and improve blood circulation.

1. Play to Win Big

First enter our #NationalKaraokeWeek sweepstakes for your chance to win your very own Singing Machine Remix. Simply enter to win on our #NationalKaraokeWeek Facebook Page and like our post. Want more chances to win? Get entered every time you like our posts starting April 23 thru the 29th. We will pick a lucky winner at the end of the week!

2. Dress-Up Karaoke

Dress up as your favorite singing star and turn your karaoke event into a costume party, too! You can give prizes for the best performance, and best costume. This is also a perfect way to celebrate with friends, family and is even a wonderful way to include your children in the festivities.

3. Host a Karaoke Competition With Friends

Invite your friends to join you for a sing off. You can award points for excelling in different categories; for example: song choice, technical performance, stage presence, etc. The winner sings an encore and wins a prize of your choosing!

4. Play Kamikaze Karaoke

This is a group-singing game of risk where you only sing songs chosen by someone else. Each person in the group takes a turn having a song chosen for them. Don’t forget…you can always throw a curveball: When it’s your turn, invite your friends to sing a duet, or even put on a group performance!

5. Throw a Themed Karaoke Night

Pick a music theme and invite friends to prepare their favorite tracks within that genre. It could be a genre category, such as Motown, show tunes or 90’s pop. Alternatively, you could be more selective and pick a specific band or artist such as The Beatles, Abba or Michael Jackson. So long as you have the music ready, you’re good to go!

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