How to Become a Rockstar During Summer Break

How to Become a Rockstar During Summer Break

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Aspiring singers know that it’s important to sing everyday if you’re looking to improve. If you’re looking for a fun activity during the lazy days of Summer, why not use your down time to train your voice and become a better singer? With some small adjustments to your singing practice, you can learn to sing better in only a few short months. Here are a few tips on how to get started!

Always Warm Up

Just like stretching before a workout, warming up your voice is essential to getting the most out of your singing practice. Warming up is as easy as starting with a few deep breaths to calm your vocal chords and expand your diaphragm. Follow that exercise by singing a couple scales, loosening up your mouth with lip trills, and practicing your humming and buzzing noises to release any residual tension.

Change Positions

Did you know that you can change the sound of your voice just by standing up straight? According to, proper singing posture is usually the first thing that is taught by professional voice coaches.

Find Your Voice

It’s important to understand your singing range and what your voice really sounds like. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to make sure that you are practicing your breathing techniques, and also determine your vocal range. This will help you choose songs that are right for your voice, and work the best with your unique style.

Structure Your Practice has a great suggestion on how to structure your singing practice. If you can commit to an hour of practice, try splitting it into 20 minute increments focusing on Warm-Ups, Song Study, and Vocal Technique.

Record Yourself

The best singers listen to themselves on a regular basis. By recording your voice, you can hear clearly the areas you need to focus on and also what already sounds great! Many Singing Machine products allow you to record yourself alone or along with your favorite track or performance song.

Perform for Others

Once you’ve got your singing technique down, it’s time to take your talents to the stage and practice your performance. Here’s a great video to help you improve your stage presence and nail your opening number!

The good news is, you’re not stuck with the voice that you were born with! Through practice and hardwork, you actually can become a better singer. Share your tips on becoming a better singer in the comments below!

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