Seven Fun Karaoke Games for the Summer

Seven Fun Karaoke Games for the Summer

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School’s out for summer! Now you have extra time to plan fun activities with the people you love. When family and friends need to take a break from the sun, want something to do for a stormy day, or plan to host a fun party at the house, your karaoke machine will come in handy.

Here are seven fun karaoke games you need to try this summer:

Name that Tune
The concept is simple. Players can be divided into teams or go solo while the non-singers compete. The singer sings a tune and each person (or team) tries to guess it. Whoever gets the song title and artist first first gets a point.

Rewrite the Song
For this game, players are divided into teams. Popular songs are placed in a hat and teams must select a song from the hat. Once a team has their song, they are given 15 minutes to rewrite the song lyrics and perform as a group!

Song Lyric Musical Chairs
This game requires a setup like musical chairs. Print out a variety of songs with lyrics missing every few lines. A player sings the song from the printout — make sure they song lyrics are not displayed to the room! — as players troop around the chairs.
When the singer comes upon a missing lyric, she stops and everyone must find a seat. If the person left standing can guess the missing lyric, they can return to the game. If they cannot guess the lyric, they must leave the game. A chair is removed, and the fun continues!

Rock Star Sing Off
It’s time to bring out the costumes! Select a few popular rock songs and prepare two costumes per song. Players pick a song and grab the corresponding rockstar’s costume for the song. Players find the person with a matching costume and each pair takes turns having a sing off to that singer’s popular song. The crowd votes on the standout star performance!

Misheard Lyrics
You heard that right! This game tests your creative ability to come up with believably bad alternative lyrics. Players pick a song from a hat and have 15 seconds to come up with a silly “misheard version” of that song.

Karaoke Roulette
Mix things up with this fun karaoke game. Place all players’ names in a hat and scroll through a list of songs. Stop at a random song and choose a name from the hat. The player chosen must sing that song!

Blind Auditions
Can you guess that voice? Have players sit in chairs with their back to the singer. The singer performs in a funny voice and the other players write down who they think is the secret star. The person who guesses the singer wins!

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