Singing Machine has signed a technology licensing deal with Antares Audio Technologies

October 06, 2017

Singing Machine has signed a technology licensing deal with Antares Audio Technologies

The rumors are true! Singing Machine signed a technology licensing deal with Antares Audio Technologies (“Antares”), the worldwide leader in vocal pitch correction software, to incorporate it’s Auto-TuneTM pitch correction software into upcoming Singing Machine karaoke products.

Antares is the premier pitch correction software company in the world. Their widely popular Auto-Tune product is recognized as having a dramatic influence on popular music, and Antares vocal effects are the gold standard for studio recording artists, engineers, and producers around the world. Auto-Tune improves a singer’s vocal performance, keeping the singer perfectly in key.

Singing Machine will feature Auto-Tune technology in its next-generation karaoke machines. The partnership will bring Antares’ studio-quality vocal-pitch-correction software and effects to the mass markets through Singing Machine’s new karaoke products. What’s more, the two Companies plan to release additional vocal effects that utilize the Auto-Tune platform.

Gary Atkinson, Singing Machine CEO, commented, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with the talented people at Antares that have the best, most recognized brand for vocal processing technology in the market. We believe all people, regardless of their singing ability, will feel more comfortable to perform karaoke if their voice can be made to sound better. We feel this partnership will open up our karaoke products to a new demographic of users that may have felt uncomfortable to sing in the past.”

Bernardo Melo, VP of Sales and Marketing, added, “Singing Machine has always been the lead innovator in the home karaoke space. This partnership with Antares will hopefully prove to be a game-changer for us and ensures that we stay years ahead of the competition. It has been many years of cultivation, but we’re finally ready to bring the Auto TuneTM technology, mainly used by professional music recording giants, to households across the world through our Singing Machine products. We intend to release our first Singing Machine featuring Auto Tune technology in 2018 with the goal to hit a very affordable price point that we hope will show incredible value to our customers.”

“Auto-Tune isn’t just for professionals in the recording studio — it’s a lot of fun for anyone to use,” said Steve Berkley, CEO at Antares. “We’re excited to be partnering with The Singing Machine to bring our vocal enhancement technologies to their karaoke products.”