The 5 Worst Karaoke Songs of All-Time

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Last week, we ventured into the world of karaoke's 'best' songs of all-time, so it's only fitting that we'd switch it around and aim for identifying the five worst. Again, you're more than welcome to disagree - in fact, we encourage you to - but remember that we're referring to the song as a karaoke song; not the quality of the song itself. Ready?

5. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. Awesome song; terrible for karaoke. Unless you can really catch all the ups and downs with your angelic voice, this one rambles and makes people uncomfortable whether you're doing it seriously or for laughs. Skip it.

4. "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks. This song is almost always sung as "blah blah blah...lowwwwww places, blah blah blah." Unintelligible sounds that surround the only memorized lyrics - the title of the song.

3. "Summer Nights" by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John. If you can sing as high as Travolta or Newton-John, then more power to you - but we'd venture to say that you can't. What ends up happening instead? We attempt to get that high in our vocal range, but fail miserably.

2. "Baby Got Back" by Sir-Mix-A-Lot. This song was funny and original for its own sake. And if you knew the lyrics without the prompting of a karaoke machine, we might be impressed. Otherwise? It might just be annoying.

1. "I'd Do Anything for Love" by Meatloaf. It's long. Like, realllllly long. And dramatic. If you can't find a way to leave every part of your soul on the karaoke stage in order to make this song 'work,' then you'll put them to sleep instead. Yikes. The irony of this list, of course, is that the same reason we describe these as 'bad' songs will be the same reason so many people will say they love them. And isn't that what karaoke is all about? Leave us your thoughts.

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