Thinking of Hosting a Karaoke Party? Here’s What You’ll Need:

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What’s more fun than hosting your own karaoke party? The music, the fun, and not to mention the enjoyment of being surrounded by your friends and family as they try their hand at singing some of the hardest and most popular songs you can imagine.

Hosting your own karaoke party is something that just can’t be beat! Have we convinced you to host your own karaoke party yet? If so, don’t worry, we have some tips that will help you get started!

So grab your Singing Machine and pump up the music as we get the karaoke party planning juices going. Still wondering how can you pull off one amazing and memorable karaoke party?

Just follow The Singing Machine’s Karaoke Party Hosting Tips:

1. Invite everyone you can: Invite your friends, family, and even those cool new neighbors you’ve been meaning to have over. The more the merrier!

2. Bring the snacks: Buy or make enough snacks to feed a small karaoke army. Remember, it isn’t a good party without something good to munch on.

3. Prepare your Singing Machine: Hook up your favorite Singing Machine and make sure everything is set up to your liking. Haven’t bought your Singing Machine yet? That’s okay! Just check your closest store for one. The Singing Machine is sold at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Toys“R”Us and even online for your convenience.

4. Get a playlist together: Visit the Singing Machine music store and download all your favorite songs and the latest tracks so that you can keep the karaoke party going for hours! For more karaoke fun, share the Singing Machine’s store site with friends and have them make their karaoke selections, you just may be surprised to see what they pick.

5. Have some fun: Get the karaoke party going by assigning someone to be the karaoke DJ and they can have their fun selecting everyone else’s songs. As another option, you can mix it up by writing down some fun karaoke songs on a piece of paper, crumpling them up and put them in a bag/hat. Then have people select their piece(s) of paper for their mystery karaoke song. *Remember to give ample room for the choreographically inclined and above all, have fun!

Be sure to also take lots of pictures and videos and share it with us on The Singing Machine’s Facebook Page or The Singing Machine’s Twitter Page for added bonuses!

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