Tips For A First-Time Karaoke Singer

Tips For A First-Time Karaoke Singer

For many people, singing karaoke to a crowd for the first time is a scary prospect. For some, it’s downright terrifying.

But just because the limelight gives you jitters doesn’t mean you can’t bring the house down. There are many ways you can ease those nerves...  And go on to give an ovation-worthy performance that you actually enjoy.

Sing With A Group

Singing in front of people you know will help you relax and ease your nerves. Super nervous? Grab a friend or two for a duet or triple-threat show.

Pick A Song You Love

Select a song you love and know by heart. If the song has meaning to you, the room will pick up on that energy and connect on a deeper level.

Practice Sing in the car, in the shower, while you do the dishes...anywhere that you can sneak in practice! Feeling prepared and well-rehearsed will help you relax.


If you are nervous, you might forget to breathe while you sing; at best, your pitch will sound off, and at worse, you could faint from lack of air. Make sure you take some deep breaths before you start and remind yourself to breathe between lines.

Eat Something

Singing on an empty stomach will only exaggerate the nervous feelings in your abdomen. Make sure you have a light snack at least before hitting the mic.

Don’t Drink Too Much

While a drink or two might help soothe your jitters, one too many may result in a sloppy performance. Keep in mind that alcohol is a dehydrant and can restrict your vocal chords. The next time you want to deliver a standout karaoke show, but feel those butterflies starting to flutter, simply use these tips and your jitters will melt away.

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