Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Karaoke Lover

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Karaoke Lover

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite karaoke connoisseur? We’ve got you covered. Karaoke is the gift that keeps on giving and what better way to show your loved ones you care, than through karaoke! Here’s a round-up of our “Valentine’s Day Karaoke Must-Haves!” Singing Machine Remix SDL 485

Singing Machine Remix SDL 485

We’re kicking off our round-up with our Singing Machine Remix SDL485, the ultimate karaoke lover’s dream. The Remix hi-def karaoke system brings the sound and ambiance with its LED disco light show, for a karaoke experience that always delivers a serious WOW factor! The Remix also includes a digital screen that allows you to search for songs and craft custom playlists right from the system. If you’re dreaming of streaming, look no further: the REMIX is Bluetooth compatible, and comes with an 8GB USB that allows you to upload karaoke videos, record vocals to playback later, and more! Lit Microphone SMM 225

Lit Microphone SMM 225

Because singing alone is never any fun! But don’t fear, the Lit Mic is here and ready to perform all of the classic love songs duets. Simply connect your new Singing Machine Lit microphone to your karaoke system’s microphone jack and let the fun begin! This additional microphone is sure to be at the top of any karaoke lover’s list with it’s multi flashing LED lights and interchanging color schemes. You’re sure to impress any karaoke enthusiast with this microphone! Stingray Karaoke Music

Stingray Karaoke Music

Every good karaoke performer knows the importance of having a rocking playlist. Give your Valentine the gift of downloads and songs from the Stringray music library avilable through and Apple Music. With over 12,000 songs and pre-made playlists, this is one gift card that won’t go unnoticed! May we recommend Stingray’s Greatest Love Songs Series for your special Valentine. These gifts are sure to leave your karaoke lover singing high, and most importantly, singing it with love. Have you bought your Valentine any of the above items? Share in the comments below!

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