Ways you can spice up your karaoke night

Ways you can spice up your karaoke night

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Have you been staying in the groove with throwing karaoke parties? Or have you been too busy with work or school to stay consistent on the karaoke grind? Here’s a reminder to get up and do some singing this month! Also, if you have never tried karaoke before, this is your sign to start now! It is so worth it! I am going to give you a list of ideas for how to incorporate karaoke into your life this month.

Team Karaoke Battle:

What else brings a good time besides some good competition? Have everyone get into teams, it can be groups or just pairs. You could make it a couples karaoke night, or just be paired with a good friend or loved one. The options are up to you! Use multiple microphones and do battles between two groups. You could have the battle be singing the same song at the same time, switching off during the song, or one group performs to one song and the other group performs a completely different one. Then you can have the audience decide who did best!  

Themed Karaoke Night:

Now this brings some creativity and fun to a karaoke party, pick a theme, and have all guests follow it. You can do 80s, Hippie, Wild West... The options are endless. You can even do something as simple as everyone wears the same color, or you can try something complicated where everyone makes their costume by hand! To add to the fun, you could even decorate the house/area to match the theme or coordinate the snacks/food to match as well. Be creative and have fun!

Late Night Car Ride Karaoke:

For the people that love getting out of the house and going on late night drives, this is for you. With the carpool microphone you can bring your karaoke party on the go. Get a group in the car and just drive to wherever the night takes you. You could do this on the way to a restaurant or even just driving to sit in a random parking lot. Roll the windows down, turn the music up super loud, sing your heart out, and just enjoy the night. These memories will be unforgettable.

The Voice Themed Night:

Everyone knows the show The Voice, right? There are the judges and there are the singers... And the goal is to look for the best voice, the best singer. You can do this with a group of your friends or your family too! Choose a few people to be judges, and then choose the singers. Make it fun and not super intense (the objective is to have fun, not necessarily to win!) If you want to be super creative with it you can make some trophies for participation, first place, second place, etc. You could also extend the game out longer by adding multiple rounds and eliminating people each round to get down to the final two! Make it fun!

In the end, doing some karaoke might seem like just a random thing, but it is so special. It’s special because of how much joy and happiness it can bring into your life. Leave the stress from work, school, and just life in general behind you for just a small amount of time. Dedicate this time for yourself, for you to let loose and enjoy life. Singing, dancing, laughing, smiling...

All with your friends and loved ones... Moments that you will remember for forever. So don’t miss out on creating some of those everlasting memories this week, you really will not regret it.

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