Meet Lindsey Mills

With one shake of her blonde bob, Lindsey Mills’ charm and musical aesthetic brings a liberating edge to the South Florida music scene. As a singer-songwriter, producer, tarot card reader, and professional badass, Lindsey reveals her influence and the tools that give her full-command of her future.

Early Inspiration

With a jazz singer and classic rocker for parents, it's no question why Lindsey was inspired to pursue music from a young age.

Hometown Influence

From smaller gigs in a vintage shop, to bigger stages on Clematis Street, Lindsey has always used her hometown as a stage for what's next.

"That is, I think, the reason that I exist. I feel that I am most alive when I am standing on a stage performing in front of people."

- Lindsey Mills

See the Studio in Action.

Watch Lindsey's full performance of her single, "What is a Weed" and see the Studio come to life.

The Power of Music Production

Lindsey uses the Studio as a tool to propel her music and experiment with unique sounds. From accessing new possibilities with official Auto-Tune®, to creating reverb with vocal effect pre-sets, the possibilities of what’s next are endless.

A Game Changer

Using professionally engineered vocal effects helps Lindsey experiment with new sounds.

Demoing Made Easy

Simple and functional, the included USB brings ease to the world of singer songwriters by being able to record and playback current works in progress.

On the Go

Portable, rechargeable, and Bluetooth capable, the Studio gives Lindsey the freedom to perform anywhere, anytime.

The Studio includes:

  • Official Auto-Tune®
  • 14 Customizable Vocal Effects
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • 1/4" Microphone Input
  • 1/4" Instrument Input
  • 25+ hr Rechargeable Battery
  • 3.55mm Aux. jack
  • Recording Function
  • Includes Wired Microphone
  • HDMI Output

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Control Your Musical Destiny

Take charge of your unique sound and create the best version of your music with the Studio.


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