10 Fun Ways to use the Groove Cube Mini this Holiday Season

10 Fun Ways to use the Groove Cube Mini this Holiday Season

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Our new Groove Cube Mini is a fun-filled, portable singing system that goes way beyond karaoke. It was designed to be a multi-use entertainment system for kids of all ages. A serious karaoke machine, powerful enough to fill a medium-sized room but slim and light-weight for kids to take on-the-go wherever their musical adventures take them.

Here are 10 fun ways to use the Groove Cube Mini this upcoming Holiday Season!

  1. Karaoke!- First and foremost, the most obvious, fun karaoke! Easily play music via Bluetooth, line-in or USB. Get ready for even more Baby Shark!
  2. Powerful Bluetooth Speaker- This is the perfect machine to have set up in a youngster’s room to use as a Bluetooth speaker for their favorite music.
  3. Vocal Confidence Building- Kids love to hear their voices amplified. We’ve had many parents tell us how our machines provide a fun way to encourage their kids to become more vocal and talkative. 
  4. Halloween Trick-or-Treating- Pop some batteries in the Groove Cube Mini and go trick-or-treating with a spook-tacular glowing light show complete with music and fun voice effects such as Robot, Chipmunk, Male, Female, Echo and Radio Announcer!
  5. Bigger Audio for Tablets- Just about every kid we know has a tablet of their own. Pair the Groove Cube Mini up and now they have much better audio for Youtube, games etc… The Groove Cube Mini even has a mobile device cradle to hold their tablet!
  6. Christmas Caroling- Take the Groove Cube Mini along when it comes time to sing the songs of the season!
  7. Storytime- Have kids use their imaginations and make up a story to tell. Encourage them to find fun ways to incorporate the Groove Cube Mini’s voice effects into their story.
  8. Nightlight- Keep the Groove Cube Mini plugged in at night for kids who want some glowing light during the night.
  9. Carpool karaoke- Take the Groove Cube Mini along on the next family road trip and have a family carpool karaoke session!
  10. Rehearsals- The holidays are the time of the year for school recitals, holiday shows and religious observations. The Groove Cube Mini is a great way for kids to rehearse their speaking parts for different events!

The Groove Cube Mini is one gift that is too good to wait for Christmas morning! Kids will love the many different ways to use the Groove Cube Mini this holiday season and all year round!



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