Get to know us – Meet Jorge Otaegui- EDI Coordinator

Get to know us – Meet Jorge Otaegui- EDI Coordinator

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If anyone knows a thing or two about the Singing Machine, that would be Jorge. Officially the SMC Family Member that has been with the company the longest, Jorge’s passion for Singing Machine is felt every day. We know him as a box full of surprises and we wanted to share this gem with you!

SMC: How long have you been a part of SMC?

JE: I’ve been with the company 21 years.

SMC: Holy Moly, we should frame your picture and have it at the entrance of our office! I will speak with someone about that 😉

JE: I will bring the camera!

I’ve seen a little bit of everything over the years, from chapter 11 to stock price over $10.00 a share 😊

The best thing is the people I work with. That is what makes the Singing Machine a great place to work. People work very hard but also party hard.

SMC: That is the best reason to stick around!  What is the most fun part of your job?

JE: Keeping the communication (EDI) orders, from the customers to our Logistic Department in California flowing without hiccups. It’s a challenge but one I enjoy over the years.

The most orders we can process, send out, and invoice, it makes me a happy camper. (show me the money!)

SMC: And I am a witness knowing it is not an easy task, you have one very important job Jorge. So, what did you do before SMC?

JE: Before SMC I worked at Builders Square (Lowe’s type of store) I was a POS administrator in charge of the AS400 system order placement, Inventory control and Price integrity. In other words, I was on the other side placing the orders instead of receiving them and shipping them out.

And before that in New York, I was a Building Department expeditor, for 14 years at Reiffman & Greenblatt Engineering office. I oversaw getting plans approved, permits before the work can start at the jobsite, in the five boroughs.

Most of our work was McDonalds, KFC, Home Depot. We handle several Departments. Fire Department (Fire suppression Systems), Building Dpt. (New Construction to public Assembly), Cranes & Derricks, Sewer Dpt. And Health Dpt.

Very interesting jobs involve the bureaucracy of how much paperwork it takes, before you can start any work in NY.

SMC: So, did you move to Florida for family or another reason?

The weather and sunny beaches (Vina Del Mar) is a little bit like Fort Lauderdale. NY winter time takes a toll on you. I do miss NY food though, pizza and bagels.

SMC: Ah, Chile, I am glad to hear that this part of the world reminds you of home.

SMC: Now, the inevitable question, what is your go to karaoke song?

JE: I like Sinatra’s songs or Elvis, my secret is to wait for people to start drinking, then I sound a lot better. 😊

SMC: HA HA, I can attest to that! I mean, I know you are a good singer, regardless of the liquid courage. Last but not least, what do you do when you are not at work? Besides missing all of us of course 😉

JE: One of my biggest hobbies is photography and my favorite model is my Granddaughter. I’ve been taking pictures for years, portraits, sports, weddings, you name it. Now all that knowledge pays off when taking pictures of her.

The other thing I enjoy is bartending, making drinks and drinking them

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