20 Things to Do This Summer

20 Things to Do This Summer

Summer is finally here! The weather’s beautiful and we’re all wanting to spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air. But you probably find yourself sitting inside wondering what there is to do. So, to make things easier, here’s a list of 20 activities you can do outside this summer. You could also create a summer bucket list, using some of these activities, to help you make the most out of summer! 

  1. Roller blading

  2. Kayaking

  3. Karaoke Party

  4. Paddle Boarding

  5. Boat Ride

  6. Go for a hike

  7. Have a picnic

  8. Bike rides

  9. Mini Golf

  10. Parasailing

  11. Camping

  12. Bonfire

  13. Cliff Jumping

  14. Concert/Musical festivals

  15. Rock climbing

  16. Ziplining

  17. Jet Skiing

  18. Longboarding

  19. Volleyball

  20. Barbeque

All these activities are a lot of fun but can be even better if music is brought into the picture. Listening to music adds that extra energy needed to spice up any occasion. Throw karaoke into the mix and the experience can be even better. You can also use the Carpool Karaoke Mic to get pumped up before any event! In the end everything’s better with music.

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