The Year in Music on TikTok 2021

The Year in Music on TikTok 2021

TikTok's musical appetite grows with each passing year, and it seems that anything may go viral nowadays.

2021 saw a dramatic rise in TikTok's popularity in the music business. TikTok had 430 songs with more than one billion views, a threefold increase from 2020.

Every day, fresh audio and video content is added to the app. TikTok is largely about music. Now TikTok has introduced SoundOn, a new music promotion and distribution platform. Songs may be uploaded to the app and musicians will get royalties for plays via a specific platform for artists. 

Here are the finest TikTok songs of 2021. 


In contrast to the happy songs on the For You page on TikTok, this one is a bit gloomier. The slow piano version has been used as the background music for both Cats in Backpacks and Cosmetics Hacks. It appeals to emotional moments or people, which has made it garner millions of views on Tiktok. For the ultimate singing experience, people used karaoke machines. It was fun to watch it on TiTok.


The album's second single, "Lotus Flower Bomb," was performed by American hip hop artist Wale. The song was produced by Jerrin Howard and included R&B singer Miguel. The song was nominated for Best Rap Song at the 55th Grammy Awards.

Celebrities like Addison Rae in 2021 popularized her. However, it was produced in 2020 but only became popular in 2021. The song's dance has become popular on TikTok as it is much easier to imitate.


"Driver’s License" was Olivia Rodrigo's first song on her first studio album, Sour, released in 2021. She cooperated with the song's producer, Dan Nigro, on the song's lyrics.

With around 2 million views in 2021 on Tiktok, this classic song will remain a fan favorite. Some people use it to accompany a fast-paced dance routine. Others use it to convey their loss by recording themselves lying on the ground in the rain to symbolize their suffering.

"Driver's License" also had the highest number of listeners on Spotify and Amazon Music in the first week. The piece broke Spotify's record for most non-holiday song plays on its fourth release day. It was Rodrigo's first number one in the US Billboard Hot 100. Hence, making her the youngest musician to accomplish so.


In the United States, Cardi B's single "Up" is a big hit. This is the second single off her planned second studio album, released on February 5, 2021, by Atlantic Records. With the help of DJ SwanQo, Sean Island, and Jordan Thorpe, Cardi B worked on "Up," a hip hop song with drill overtones produced by Yung Dza.

One of the most popular uses of this song is a TikTok, a challenge in which participants share a photo of themselves while still nude. Then, they are followed by a photo in which they seem to be perfectly groomed. This challenge, dubbed the "#upcardibchallenge", has attracted millions of views to the song.


Olivia Isabel Rodrigo is popularly known as Olivia Rodrigo. He rekindled the enthusiasm of her loyal fans with the publication of her new song, "Good 4 U." In 2021, she released a song on Tiktok that went viral and garnered a lot of views and streaming on several platforms, including Spotify.

Rodrigo's third single, "Good 4 You," was released by Geffen and Interscope Records. Olivia Rodrigo, Dan Nigro, and Josh Farro wrote and edited the tale. Dan Nigro handled the production, and he deserves all the credit.

As seen in her current album, "Sour," Olivia Rodrigo is a talented musician. "Good 4 U" is the sixth tune on the album, which has 11 songs. As of this writing, she has over one million views on her YouTube website for her official music video.

While Olivia is a well-known singer and performer, she's also a skilled songwriter who has released a number of popular albums. A good season for the publication of her new project album in 2021 is predicted, as it has already started to acquire popularity on social media, particularly TikTok.


Tracey's name became linked with the phrase "Tracy and the Honda?" in 2021 after the song "oops!" A skateboard, roller skates, or even leaning out of the window of a moving car are all popular ways people get ready for big events, which are inspired by the song. Everyone likes Yung gravy, a" supervillain" who blows "shit up" for fun. While parts of the lyrics may be clichéd, you'll be singing along to this song every time you hear it. The song also has garnered millions of views on TikTok.


The song is both healing and melancholy, making it more appealing. It is evident that the individual's look has altered considerably after a relaxing and pleasurable acoustic session. They display a current shot with an old picture of themselves and the comment, "Wow, I look so different here," they display a current shot. For TikTok videos, it was common to see people using the Groove Singing Machine which has a plethora of features that allow you to sing and have fun. The piece was released in 2021 and received more than two million views.


In TikTok videos, especially in 2021 during the quarantine period, it was common to see individuals transitioning from no makeup to full-face makeup in TikTok challenges. This piece is suitable for these transitions, making them considerably more seamless. As a way to mimic hitting the camera, use this sound during the "I'm so lovely" sentence to show off your new appearance. This aspect made the song popular on TikTok.


Since its inception, TikTok has had a strong influence over the course of popular culture. The app has changed how musicians and record labels work together, but seeing them in action on the platform was still an eye-opening experience.

An annual report on music on TikTok has been issued after a year-long investigation by the company. This new data collection covers a wide range of sound-related metrics, from the most popular Spotify artists to the return of "oldies" music throughout the preceding year. For the first time, they've also revealed the top 20 most popular songs of 2021 globally in the United States. You will find the top 2021 global TikTok songs in the above list.


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