3 People You'll Meet on Karaoke Night

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On karaoke night, you might be singing and jamming with family, friends or strangers, but one thing remains - the types of characters that you'll be performing with. Who are they? We're glad you asked.

The Wannabe. To this person karaoke isn't a night of fun; it's an impromptu performance and an opportunity to shine. Chances are this person has a lot of the song artist's moves and quirks perfected - and they're actually pretty darn good, too. You want to make fun of them, but you know that it's more out of envy than anything else.

The Showboat. Fully aware that their singing won't carry the day, the showboat has no problem being the center of attention and will instead use what they lack in an effort to get the crowd involved in their act by dancing, gesturing and interacting. These guys make karaoke fun!

The Reluctant. They hoped that karaoke night would be an opportunity to see other people perform. They didn't, however, expect to be one of them. After much pushing and encouragement, the reluctant takes the stage and, sometimes, surprises everyone with their surprising talent. What's your karaoke character? Share it with us!

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