Different Karaoke Themed Parties You Need to Try!

Different Karaoke Themed Parties You Need to Try!

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Karaoke parties are already a blast, but why not spice up the night by adding a theme. Themed karaoke parties are a great way to get everyone involved and have an amazing time. Singing Machines Home Pro and Home Karaoke products are perfect for any party. From the typical parties celebrating birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, engagements, weddings all the way to a random party on a Friday night. Here are some different themes you can use when you plan your next karaoke party.


Mexican Fiesta:

Get ready to bring out your sombrero for this one, and if anyone owns a guitar or banjo, they need to bring it. Decorate the place with paper flowers, balloons, pinatas, banners, and confetti. There are thousands of pre-made Mexican Fiesta playlists perfect for the occasion. Serve chips and salsa, corn salad, and tacos and get your salsa dancing on. 

Mexican Fiesta

 80’s Disco Party:

Who doesn’t love a good 80’s throwback night? For this party you’re going to pull out anything and everything neon and bright. A disco ball, glow sticks, and multi-colored LED lights would fit the vibe perfectly. A playlist filled with throwbacks from the 80’s would get everyone singing their heart out. As for food, a retro candy bar, neon cupcakes, punch bowl, and cheeseburger sliders will make everyone happy.

80’s Disco Party

Little League:

 Everyone dresses up as their favorite sport. Baseball, basketball, and soccer are most common, but the options are endless. Jazz it up a bit more by wearing your favorite sports team. Any genre music would be a great time, but a fun idea would be creating a playlist with each party guests own walk-up song. A great place to throw this party would be in a garage with camping chairs for people to sit. Serve peanuts, sunflower seeds, hot dogs, lemonade, and cotton candy and have a kickin’ time. 

Little League

King of Rock and Roll:

Lots of silly pictures will be taken this night. If you don’t already know who the King of Rock and Roll is, it’s Elvis Presley, therefore everyone needs to dress up as him. Sunglasses and a leather suit fit the role perfectly. The only songs played will be ones sung by him. Serve only Elvis’s favorite foods, for example, a peanut butter banana sandwich, fried pickles, and blondies, perfect to get everyone groovin’. 

 King of Rock and Roll

 Way Back West:

The cowboy hats, jeans, and boots are on. All country music is being played. Hang up some western posters, throw some straw on the floor, add some wooden tables and you have an old western saloon. Serve fried chicken, bacon jalapeño bites, sangria, and cornbread and be ready to create some awesome memories. 

Way Back West

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