Get ready for your best performance yet with Singing Machine Studio!

Get ready for your best performance yet with Singing Machine Studio!

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Coming to a home performance near you this summer, meet Singing Machine Studio, the first ever all-in-one entertainment system for listening to music and performing karaoke enhanced with Auto-Tune® pitch correction and studio quality effects.

Packed with functionality to resemble a professional recording studio, the Singing Machine Studio is the first karaoke machine ever to feature Auto-Tune®, the industry’s premier voice pitch correction software, to keep you perfectly in key with any song. The Studio also boasts 12 studio quality vocal effect presets developed by Antares commonly used by recording artists in professional studios. The vocal effects work in real-time to and include effects such as reverb, delay, and punch to create an almost unlimited number of vocal effects.

Developed by Antares Audio Technologies, Auto-Tune is widely recognized for having a dramatic influence on popular music. Antares is the worldwide leader in vocal pitch correction software, and the company’s vocal effects are the gold-standard for studio recording artists, engineers, and producers worldwide.

"The Singing Machine Studio will make you sound like a better you, regardless of your singing experience or ability," said Gary Atkinson, CEO, The Singing Machine Company. "We do not want anyone to sit out a karaoke session for fear of not hitting the right note. Singing Machine Studio may not make you a professional singer, but it will make sure you and all your family members and friends have fun and enjoy the party."

"Auto-Tune® isn't just for professionals in the recording studio- it’s a lot of fun for anyone to use,” said Steve Berkley, CEO at Antares. "Antares is thrilled to have been working closely with the Singing Machine team to realize this.  Combining the industry-standard Auto-Tune® vocal processing with Singing Machine’s award-winning karaoke products creates a new level of engagement with music."

Studio inspired design, a dynamic full range high-quality speaker, wireless music streaming via Bluetooth®, and over a 25-hour rechargeable battery makes Singing Machine Studio the perfect entertainment system for all indoor and outdoor activities. Additional features and capabilities include:

Singing Machine Studio also features an interactive user interface to select, search, and create custom karaoke playlists right from the karaoke system. Users can also use the Singing Machine mobile app to search for, select, and customize karaoke playlists.

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