Get to know us – Meet Carolina, our Sales Analyst

Get to know us – Meet Carolina, our Sales Analyst

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From Colombia to Florida; get to know Carolina Correa!

SMC: Hi Caro! How long have you been a part of SMC?
CC: I can’t believe it, it’s 9.5 months already, sometimes I still feel like it’s been just a couples of months 😉, but then I remember how many fun activities we had had since I started such as the end of the year party, happy hours, NY Toy Fair, etc and then it makes sense after.

SMC: HA HA, yes, it can feel like a lifetime, in the better sense of the word of course 😉
CC: Of course, of course, ha ha

SMC: Speaking of all the experiences and adventures you have shared, what is the most fun part of your job?
CC: The most fun part of it has been when I had the chance to visit the headquarters of some retailers and had the experience to be in a sales meeting with buyers with very different approaches to the products, varying from like “ughh I don’t like that” to “ohhh that’s a very nice unit”,  and dealing with different buyer’s personalities from very charming and welcoming to a dry and cold ones, in which I remember I felt completely intimidated and shocked, and a little scared to be honest with you, but then we still joke about it with my coworker Ron.

SMC: And that is one of the cool things about this company, it is not only living behind a desk, but getting to see what it is really like outside of the office. And, we can all attest that you have nailed these meetings, even the intimidating ones.
CC: You are making me blush! Thank you!

SMC: So, what did you do before SMC?
CC: I was in the logistics and the inside sales, handling some key accounts business and doing the logistics from the LATAM plants to the US customers and the domestic distribution as well for a plastic manufacturer multinational, humm, that was a really challenging journey where I professionally grew in my career in this country and on the personal level, as well.

SMC: Awesome! And now for the most important questions of them all… What is your go to karaoke song?
CC: Hahahahah, ok I’m not a singer, and I sing really really bad, but if I have to tell you what I would sing if have to, it would be something from my background like one of the old songs from Shakira “Poco de Amor” or may be something from Menudo like “Claridad”… I know, most likely nobody might know any of these songs but I love them!

SMC: Alright, taking notes for our next open mic karaoke party. Last but not least, what do you do when you are not at work? Besides missing us all of course 😉
CC: I spent many times training for triathlon, I just love it, I love the feeling after you finish your training or a race, I enjoy to exercise in the outdoors (not much during our hot and humid summer though, lol), swimming in the ocean, running around the city and biking along the A1A (parallel to the beach) that makes me feel alive and enjoy little things like that not many people appreciates living in a city like this one, and of course those personal challenges during a race to improve your times and set up new PRs. Ahhh I forgot the other perks, I love it too because I stay fit and healthy at the same time... the rest of the time I spent it with my friends and family, and of course sleeping, very well deserved it... lol.

SMC: Aaannddd I am slowly putting the doughnut down, what if we go for a short walk now? HA HA
CC: Ha ha ha, I will race you to the door!

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