Hottest Summer Karaoke Songs

Hottest Summer Karaoke Songs

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School’s out and the sun is shining! Celebrate the freedom of summer with a karaoke party. Whether you’re barbecuing out by the pool or hosting a Friday night in, this playlist will get all of your guests in that special summer mood. With a mix of rock, pop, country and other genres, this playlist offers something for everyone.

Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams

Relive the glorious feelings of school-free summer with this rock hit. Within just the first few seconds, you’ll be reminiscing on young summer freedom and romance.

The Boys of Summer - Don Henley

An ultimate baby boomer throwback, this summer selection captures the bittersweet taste of a short-lived summer love.

Summer Nights - Grease

Bring a little Grease lightning to the karaoke party with an ode to Sandy and Danny! Perfect for a balanced crowd of both ladies and men; everyone in the room will be snapping along to the beat.

California Girls - Katy Perry

Girls, this one’s for you! Invite your squad to a poolside celebration with karaoke, cocktails and of course, Katy Perry.

Summer Breeze - Seals and Crofts

Ranked No. 13 on Rolling Stone’s “Best Summer Songs of All Time,” this song whistles the laid-back vibes of summer.

Summertime - Kenny Chesney

This country classic ties all the images of summer together: bare feet, cars and bikinis!

Good Vibrations - Beach Boys

Celebrate the summer season with the epitome of beach music: the Beach Boys. Your classic-rock-fan guests will appreciate your including this song on your karaoke list.

Hot in Here - Nelly

Be prepared for instant requests to bump the volume up when this megahit starts playing. For those who like to make a production out of their karaoke experience, old-school Nelly always does the trick.

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

The Beatles set a bright, festive mood for your party, and this sun-soaked hit is the perfect kickoff!

Malibu - Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has made a return this summer with her first solo single in four years. Hot on the charts, the organic beat of “Malibu” will get your crowd in the California state of mind.

Island in the Sun - Weezer

If you’re not spending your summer on an island, bring the staycation to your party! Indie lovers will adore this track. If you have any additions to the perfect summer playlist, or other summer party ideas, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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