Karaoke Party Planning Ideas

Karaoke Party Planning Ideas

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A karaoke party is perfect for any celebration: birthday, end of the school year, job promotion or just about any excuse to let loose. Encourage your friends to step out of their musical comfort zone with these karaoke party ideas. These party ideas will keep your crowd entertained and excited to step up to the mic. Do you have any karaoke party ideas? Share your karaoke party successes in the comments below!

Red Carpet

Assemble a trunk of fun dress up clothing including boas, sunglasses and other costumes and props. And, of course, don’t forget to lay out your red carpet material. Your party guests will transform into big-time artists such as Elvis, Madonna and Michael Jackson, and they won’t want to leave the celebrity scene.

Broadway Bash

Make your guests feel like Broadway stars with a playlist of songs only featured in Broadway shows. All theatre lovers will rave over this theme, forming a line of people next up on the mic.

Battle of the Bands

In this party competition, family rivalry is sure to arise on the stage as families role-play their favorite bands. Each family will compete against other families for prizes. This karaoke party is great for those who are hesitant to open up, reassuring them in the security of a group or as a backup singer.

BBQ/Pool Party Karaoke Party

Nothing says summer like a hot pool party. Invite your friends to throw on their bathing suits and celebrate the freedom of summer by singing poolside jams. The karaoke show will be accompanied by kids splashing in the background, while others feast on BBQ sandwiches and cold watermelon.

Music of the Decades

For the more daring, exciting crowd, have your guests roll a dice with each number being a music genre. When they’ve rolled a genre, they will pull a song from a bucket and sing the song they pick. Construct a playlist from a range of decades to keep the game exciting.

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