Karaoke Spotlight: Upper Room Tavern Charleston, South Carolina

Karaoke Spotlight: Upper Room Tavern Charleston, South Carolina

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In our new Karaoke Spotlight series, we're highlighting some of the best karaoke bars throughout the US.

From dive bars to traditional Japanese karaoke rooms, we’re bringing you our favorite spots from coast to coast. In this week’s karaoke spotlight, we bring you Upper Deck Tavern (or UDT to locals) in Charleston, South Carolina.

It might be a challenge to find the tucked away Upper Room Tavern that you access from an unmarked alley on King Street, but once you find this dive-bar-meets-karaoke-hang-out, you'll be so glad you did.

Don’t look for a sign, but instead a glowing red light that will point you in the right direction. You won’t find karaoke at UDT every night, but if you cozy up in their signature communal seating with a juicy burger and a cold beer on a Sunday night, you’ll find a crowd comprised of hipsters, locals, tourists, and regulars belting out your favorite top 40 hits.

Karaoke with "Karaoke Chris" kicks off around 9pm and is self-described as locally produced hipster karaoke. In addition to karaoke, you'll also find bar games like Bingo and Connect Four which you can play while you enjoy a cocktail.

Their low key speakeasy atmosphere is perfect for dressing up or down. Known for their super friendly bartenders and music that’s just a little louder than normal, Upper Deck Tavern is located at 353 King Street in Charleston, South Carolina and is open everyday from 4pm to 2am.

For more information, check out their Yelp or Trip Advisor page for full reviews and photos of Karaoke Night at Upper Deck Tavern. If you’ve ever been to Upper Deck Tavern, let us know what you thought! Do you have a favorite karaoke spot? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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