Replace Game Night with Karaoke Night

Replace Game Night with Karaoke Night

So you’ve decided to host a game night and now you’re surrounded by the perfect mix of friends and family.

From the looks of things everything it’s going to be great. You’ve compiled the perfect mix of sweets and salts and have put together refreshments that are sure to be the envy of vending machines everywhere. You tell yourself that this event is going to be great.

You’ve rummage through your seamlessly never-ending pile of board games and at this point, you’ve found what you think is the perfect board game to play for everyone. You’ve laid out all the pieces perfectly when all of a sudden you hear the six most dreaded words by of any game night host, “I don’t know how to play.”

Here at The Singing Machine we’re here to make your life simple. So don’t fret! Just turn your game night into a karaoke night! What’s more fun than hosting a karaoke party? At The Singing Machine, we can’t honestly say there’s anything else. Don’t know where to get started? That’s okay, at The Singing machine we’ve put together a list of things you’ll need to host the perfect karaoke party.

Got your karaoke equipment yet? There are many different karaoke products that satisfy ones inner karaoke craving. Take for instance the Pedestal iSM1030, which features FM Radio, two tower speakers, and features an Interactive User Interface. Did we mention its got a cool, sleek look to it too?

Not you’re particular style? Not a problem! At The Singing Machine we’ve identified matched karaoke machines to specific personalities but note that with these products bell-bottoms are not included. Convinced yet? There are many great benefits to hosting a karaoke night instead of a played out board game night! With a karaoke night the experience is always fresh.

That means that you can download the latest and most popular songs from your favorite music artists to your music library. The best thing about The Singing Machine is that our “guidelines” to “play” by are simple.

Choose from any one of our products, put together a playlist, sing and have a great time! Ready to spice things up? Host your karaoke night today and substitute any stress or troubles for countless hours of fun!

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