The Singing Machine Music Channel: Karaoke Music Downloading Made Simple.

The Singing Machine Music Channel: Karaoke Music Downloading Made Simple.

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At The Singing Machine we care about your karaoke experience and that’s why we’ve made our music channel user friendly!

What You’ll Find on the Website: First, let’s start off with what we have available to purchase on The Singing Machine store website. Currently awaiting your download are thousands of fully licensed audio and video karaoke files and best of all, we’ve created a system that is simple for you to use!

Downloading Made Simple: Whether you know which songs you want to download or if you want to browse through the Singing Machine’s Music Channel for the old, the new, and the most commonly downloaded, we have you covered. We’ve made it simple for you to download your favorite tracks straight to your computer, phone, or to be burned to a CD.

Setting Up Your Own Account: So you have your Singing Machine. You may be asking yourself, what’s next? First off, be sure to register your product first for enhanced karaoke fun then you’re almost ready to download your favorite songs straight to your preferred device. In order to download your favorite tracks, you must first create an account by visiting The Singing Machine’s Music Channel website. Don’t worry; its easy and only takes seconds to sign up! Once the account has been created, then you’re one step closer to selecting your music. Now that you have your account you have access to your “Digital Locker” which is the online spot where you can access all your downloaded music.

Audio, Video, Vocals, Formats, and More - What's the Difference? The Singing Machine Music Channel has a great variety of songs available in different file formats. The audio files are files that can be downloaded as just audio, without scrolling lyrics. As another option you can choose to download the video version, which includes the audio and scrolling lyrics in synced with the music & melody of the song. Most options will also include tracks with or without the lead vocals. Available in formats such as SMC, MP3, MP4, WMV and more, The Signing Machine makes it easy for you to select your preferred song format.

An In-depth Look Into File Formats: Here at The Singing Machine we’ve made it easy for you to narrow down which file format may work best for you.

Video files are high quality as well and are available in SMC, MP4, WMV, and MP3+G (zip).

MP3 and MP4 audio files can be played back on computers with software such as QuickTime & iTunes. You can also play them on your digital media devices that support MP3 or MP4 playbacks such as an iPod, or iPhone.

WMV files are played back on Windows Media Player, or other playback devices such as Zune, X-Box 360, & PS3.

MP3+G files are packaged in a .zip file with the music and the lyrics. MP3+G files work on Windows PC or Mac OS X computers with specific karaoke software installed as well as the SMC 4TV karaoke machine.

The SMC or MP3 file formats are available for downloading and are high quality. Wondering what SMC files are? SMC is a file format created by The Singing Machine so you can access and manage your tracks from your Windows computer, as well as your own Singing Machine. SMC files are only compatible with Microsoft computers using the SMC Karaoke Manager and are accessible for free.

The SMC Karaoke Manager: The Singing Machine has created a Karaoke Manager to manager all of your favorite songs in one place. You can use the SMC Karaoke Manager (free of charge), to create karaoke CDs (audio only) or CD+Gs (audio and graphics). Keep in mind when purchasing blank CDs to burn the karaoke songs onto you should purchase CD-R or CD-RW type CDs. DVD-Rs are not supported for burning CDs for use in karaoke machines.

Browse, View, Buy, and Download: So now that you know the basics and you’re ready to browse through The Singing Machine Music Channel’s full list of music! Our song selection is vast and covers many different genres, languages, eras, and is even fully searchable for easily locating songs by artist or song name. Found your favorite songs? Then you can easily add them to your music-shopping cart for purchasing. Just click on the “add” button below the version of the file format you would like and it will be automatically added to your cart. Once you’re done then you can click “view cart”, enter your payment details and/or your promo code and the music you selected will be automatically added to your Digital Locker. After purchasing you can go to your Digital Locker and download the song in the available file format you need. Just click on the download link of the format you chose and then click save. Then you can navigate to the file on your computer where you want the download saved to and your downloaded links will be saved in your Digital Locker until you have reached your maximum download limit per link (twenty-five). Keep in mind that before you begin to download your music you will need an up–to-date web browser and Adobe Flash Player in order to preview videos. Please note that The Singing Machine Music Channel Store is not compatible with mobile devices or tablets.

A Few Tips For The SMC 4TV: Do you have the 4TV? Here are some tips on playing your MP3-G files on the 4TV: Steps for using the 4TV Using a USB flash drive: • Connect the USB flash drive to your computer • Download the MP3+G file from your Digital Locker and save the .zip file to a folder on your computer • Double click on the .zip file to open the file(s) • Drag and drop the .mp3 and .cdg file(s) to the USB drive • Remove the USB flash drive from your computer • Turn on the SMC 4TV and connect the USB flash drive Want to see this information visually?

Be sure to check The Singing Machine Music Channel Tutorials for a more in depth look at karaoke music downloading.

Have a question? Visit our Support Page for Frequently Asked Questions, Tutorials, and more.

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